Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala
Earth big mala

Earth big mala

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The big earth mala , mindfully hand spaced stone balls with fine string & silver textured teeth detail, for him and for her


also known japamalas or in Sanskrit “garland”, have been around for thousands of years, rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism. it is a mental grounding tool that can help you focus your mind during meditation and practice.


Use each bead to set intention, prayer or mantra. traditionally mala been held in the right hand, with the mala draped over the middle finger, each counter bead is held between the thumb and middle finger. The thumb pulls the next counter bead over the middle finger after each repetition.

Earth malas can be worn as necklace, choker, body chain or bracelet.


| Tiger eye |

Tiger eye healing properties from a combination of the Sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding vibrationsIt helps to stay centred and calmly practical, balance polarities, focuses the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting to resolve problems objectively.

| Pearl stone |

 In ancient stories, pearl is associated with faithfulness, friends, loyalty, modesty and purity. Pearl is one of the nine sacred gems listed in Sanskrit, Chinese, Arabic, and Burmese. It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, love, family life, steady mind and acceptance.


  • 7mm balls
  • total length 46 inch
  • From the 02 elements collection - earth


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