Our ethos is to be simple and considered. This mantra along with the mission to create space for inner awakening, threads through every part of our design process, resulting in products that are focused on sustainable way of living.


We design with the intent that our styles will last a lifetime, zeme aims to create collections that work towards a trans-seasonal way rather than sticking to seasonal timelines. This is to ensure the brand follows a slow fashion approach, and keep a harmonious and balanced relationship with the earth.


We offers a collection of sustainable pieces crafted from natural and raw materials. methods of zeme design practices include using recycled silver, (non nikel) brass plated if inquired and natural high quality stones.

Ethical manufacturing 

We also value our team conditions, we work in close partnership with our small family company in India. The company is registered with the registrar of company's Govt of India, also under SSI (Small scale industries), following all the rules layer down by them, don’t hire child labor, covering every worker under ESI (employee Insurance) and every worker is getting PF(provident fund). The company also have a certificate for being a non polluting industry.


We committed to make environmentally conscious choices in all the pieces. zeme aims to integrate these values through all aspects of the business from product to packaging. All products purchased online are free from plastic and, we use silk leftover craps to create beautiful bags that can be used for storage.